Airbnb Property Management


  • Performance-based  low comission

  • Guaranteed minimum income

  • Full Service ( Sales+Marketing+Cleaning+Handyman+Utility payment)

  • Transparency ( Direct  and full access to all data and reports)

Performance based comission: If you win, we win.
All expenses we pay together with you, we share only the net profit. Percentages are based on agreement.
Guaranteed minimum income: If you are a safe player, play it safe.
We agree on a minimum profit what we pay you, if the profit is higher than the minimum, we pay the agreed percentage for the Owner.
Full service: All-In-One solution
Sales team checks and monitors prices daily level based on actual demand
Marketing team creates state-of-the-art, catchy advertisements
Cleaning team provides hotel-like cleanliness quality
Handyman offers a 24 hrs Technical Support for any maintenance issues
Finance colleague pays all the utility bills of your property on time
Paulownia-Property Ltd. Company Information
Foundation: 2011, Budapest, Hungary, EU (active in property: 2014)
Tax Number Hungary: 23475375242
Tax Number European Union: HU23475375
Registration Number: 01 09 96727
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