About Paulownia

From a start-up to a successfull company

Back in 2014, founded by young and inspired entrepreneurs, Paulownia-Property Ltd. turned into an exciting company of our modern times.
The name Paulownia, is coming from the latin name of the japanese dragon tree, which symbols the power and goal-orientation of our company.
We are ready to cooperate with YOU, if you share our vision about one of the most hyped city of Europe,  Budapest. Either short-term (AirBnB) or long-term, either fixed comission or performance-based comission, doing business with us is easy.
Check our contact details for making the first step!
Paulownia-Property Ltd. Company Information
Foundation: 2011, Budapest, Hungary, EU (active in property: 2014)
Tax Number Hungary: 23475375242
Tax Number European Union: HU23475375
Registration Number: 01 09 96727
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